tree hugger…tree cutter

Back in January we cut down our banyan tree. It was not an easy decision. We knew when we bought the tree that the day would come that we would need to cut it down. However, we did not expect that that time would come a mere nine years after we planted it. Nine years! When we bought it, it was maybe 12 inches tall. This thing grew like a beast. It survived Hurricane Charley, a category 4 hurricane. This tree was awesome. But it grew awesomely fast.

Sadly, about a year ago, we discovered a sprout growing out of our seawall. We had to sit down and have a serious conversation. You would have thought we were discussing having a beloved pet put down, for how serious the conversation turned. This tree hugger was not a happy camper…but I would have been MUCH less happy to be replacing a seawall, our plumbing, our foundation….

So in January our tree came down.

My most favorite thing about this tree was how it looked in late morning, standing below it and looking up at the light coming through the leaves….

I am pretty sure my karma cup drained all the way to empty by the time we finished cutting.


One Comment to “tree hugger…tree cutter”

  1. I love/hate the picture of Robert with the tree. It’s so sad. I can’t believe how attached I became to that tree…and it’s not even mine! I get a little happy thinking my kids were able to climb it one last time last fall…but I am afraid that when I look back at the pictures of them in it, it will produce tears. 🙂 It stings a bit, like The Giving Tree. ❤

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