bug obsession

There’s this bug. It has created a slight obsession in me. I saw it years and years and years ago. It was beautiful. And elusive. I tried photographing it. The shots were not great. It flew away- imagine that. And I didn’t see it again for years.

I found another one. My veterinarian happens to have a side hobby of collecting insects. I got some advice from him, and was able to capture my obsession. I put it in the fridge to slow it down (I know, I know). And then I forgot. I”M SORRY BUG!!! I FORGOT YOU WERE IN THERE!!!! and I let him slow down a bit too much. Yup. I killed him. I felt terrible. And then I still tried to photograph it. For real. I still was not a fan of the shots.


And then one night, hubby rushed inside, told me to grab my camera, and dragged me outside. Right there, on our screen, was my obsession. Just enjoying the end of a day. The light? Horrible. The location? Horrendous. I should have had hubby steal a shot of me trying to steal a shot of this bug…it was uncomfortable and very much on-a-ladder-leaning-precariously-far-out-on-one-foot-bent-at-odd-angles-and-holding-the-camera-with-one-hand-while-trying-to-balance-and-cursing-the-light-and-the-iso-and-and-and

and this is what my brief moment with my obsession resulted in…

In case you were wondering, yes, I am very happy with these photos 🙂


*p.s. if anyone can tell me what this bug is, I will be one happy girl! I have looked at wasp moths, and oleander moths, and they both look similar….but I don’t think either is right.


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