You may remember a while back that I mentioned a little photo shoot that I signed Tinsley up for.

No? Well, the condensed version goes something like this: one of my favorite blogs is The Daily Puglet. The “thumbs” behind the blog belong to Amanda of Frolic Photography. I adore her photos. I never thought this San Francisco-based photographer’s camera would ever be pointed in the direction of one of my Floridian dogs.

And then she came up with a very ambitious plan. Shoot 1,000 pugs. In one year. Donate lots of money to lots of Pug rescue groups. One of her stops was Miami. Obviously, I was staring at the clock, tense hand on the mouse, waiting for registration to open.

And Tinsley became pug #290. Her shoot was this past Sunday.

Before the weekend started, there was a turn of events, a flurry of flaky (on my part!) emails, some frantic searches for pet-friendly hotels and doggy daycares, and somehow I found myself able to take a tiny little role in this incredible project. I was about to be a 1,000 Pugs helper!

Our weekend was awesome. Amanda was awesome. We got our feet dirty. Our hair wet. We stepped in questionable substances. I learned what it means to truly “make it work.” I heard touching rescue stories. I learned it is silly to get so nervous 🙂 I spent two days with a ridiculous amount of pugs. I met a photographer that is not only incredible at what she does, but also incredibly generous with her knowledge and the farthest thing from a diva 😉 *I also learned that doing Jillian Micheals’ 30-day Shred comes in handy when you have to hold a diffuser up over your head for insane amounts of time!

A peek at our weekend, via Instagram:

I walked away from this weekend knowing that the result of a random, tentative email was a spark newly ignited.  Thank you SO much Amanda! I know I was your helper, but you helped me so much more!



3 Responses to “#290”

  1. Ah, I am envious! You lucky woman. I’m so glad you got to participate! When I first heard about the project, I wanted a Pug, but I’m stuck with a 90 pound Lab and a brainless Boston. Oh well! lol That must have been such a fun experience. I can’t wait to see the book and photos! 😀

    • LOL, I think we get the dogs we are supposed to have….I always wanted a great dane, and here I am with a pug, maltese, and lhasa apso 😀 It was an AWESOME experience…learned soooo much- I felt like I was at a workshop…only it was free!


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