hello, my name is kristie.

hi there! Do you ever wonder who is behind that blog you are reading? Yeah, me too.

This is me…

I like when photos of me are slightly blurry…they make me look younger šŸ™‚

I think my smile isĀ a bitĀ sarcastic looking…yet that is the one I always give.

I am afraid of the dark. I’m convinced monsters live in the closet.

There are a bazillion things about myself that I would like to change. That saddens me.

I am learning to be more content with my life.

I was really skinny. Then I was quite fat. Now I am on the road to just plain old healthy, if not a little soft around the edges šŸ˜‰

I am convinced that people who drive white vans are kidnappers. This seems like a rather obvious conclusion to make.

I have a horrendous memory that sometimes makes me cry when I can’t remember the important things in my life. This worries me for when I am older.

My favorite meal is by far breakfast. I will never lose as much weight as I could, because I refuse to quit my habit of going out for breakfast two days a week.

Music has always had a profound effect on my mood.

I sometimes paint my nails. And then pick the polish off within a day. I much prefer natural nails.

I love love love physical labor. I can admit that I can be quite the princess, but there is nothing like putting your body to work, aching muscles and sweat pouring down your forehead.

I devour books. I hope this never changes.

My mother has an incredible ability to calm me down with just the sound of her voice.

I have been obsessing over the color gray lately. There are six different shades of gray painted in squares throughout my house. I am beginning to hate the color gray.

I have been plotting and scheming how I can afford my next tattoo (and how to break it to hubby that I want it NOW).

I love the sounds of pugs snoring, rain when I am laying in bed, bamboo leaves in the wind and the sound of thunder in the distance.

I have a master’s degree in Procrastination. I am working on my PhD.

I have to go pick up my dog from the groomer…


One Comment to “hello, my name is kristie.”

  1. You forgot to mention that you are such a naughty girl you got kicked off a forum…either with or without someone who shall remain nameless and then taught her about q@eef nuggets and that florescent orange crunchy things are a food group necessary for life. Oh and chicken McNuggets and tiaras.

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