four scores and seven years ago…

ok, not that long ago. How about just four years ago…

While looking for a photo in the archives I sneezed a whopping sneeze, blew some dust bunnies aside, and discovered some old favorites. The funny thing is, these were taken exactly four years ago today. Maybe it was serendipitous that I found them when I did. I have been feeling incredibly uninspired. I have a desperate urge to go out shooting….but I see nothing that inspires me. I am the first to admit that I have become quite the picky shooter. These images remind me about how passionate I once was about this hobby. I reminds me how easy it was for me to see beauty. How eager I was to shoot, even if I was uninspired, knowing eventually it would come to me. It almost always did.

and a blast of color to send you off with…


One Comment to “four scores and seven years ago…”

  1. Very nice series! I’m fond of the b&w-ones but the last one is definitely my favourite, well done!

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