Her name is Tink (ok, technically it is Tinker Bell, but really? That’s just embarassing, right? I seriously shouldn’t be left to my own devices when it comes to naming pets- I apparently turn into a 5 year-old) but we call her Stink. Sometimes Stinker Bell.

She actually smells fresh and clean. But she is a stinker. And well, there is the whole eating her own poo thing. That’s pretty stinky. We used to need to put a bell on her collar to keep track of her because she was such a trouble maker. Ok, let’s be honest here. She still is such a trouble maker. She eyes fresh laundry like a lion stalking it’s prey. Raiding garbage cans gives her a high like nothing else. She adores leaving me little poo presents when I come home from work.

She is the happiest little girl I have ever met. We are sure that she farts bubbles and poops rainbows.


One Comment to “stink”

  1. She makes sure not to poop or piddle for me though 🙂

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