crap(py) shoot

You know when you take pictures. And they suck. And you banish them to the dark corners of your computer and vow to never let them see the light of day?

Maybe I should have done that with these. But for once in my life behind a camera I have come to appreciate a series of crappy, out of focus pictures that I just want to carry in my back pocket and take everywhere.

I would like you to meet Vinny. He’s one of my unofficial nephews. And I adore him. He loves me (primarily for usage of my iPhone) and misses me when I leave. I love him (primarily for his curls) and I miss him when I leave.

He also avoids the camera like the plague.

While visiting last weekend, he came to my room to entertain me while I got ready for the day. He gave me 12.8 seconds to snap as many blurry photos as possible before he decided being a cute model isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be.

and the blurriest (and my most favorite of all)…

thank you curly headed boy for reminding me that pictures don’t need to be in focus to be perfect! (and also for reminding me why I despise child photography :D!)


2 Comments to “crap(py) shoot”

  1. bahhahahaha! I love this post!! Of course 🙂
    I do love the next to last picture.
    Oh, Vinny

  2. i think they are fabulous 🙂 love those “unofficial nephews” 🙂 i love the one of him laying in the bed… glad you posted them

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