Happy Birthday to my most favorite first dog ever!

I wanted a big dog. I wanted a female. I desperately just wanted a dog to call my own. Koda did not match my list of wants at all.

It’s a complicated story of how we got Koda. And really, it doesn’t matter. At 7 weeks old, Koda arrived at my house in a basket. It was my birthday. It was the end of the day. I thought I had at least another week to prepare for a puppy. And then Koda arrived in a basket. And I fell in love. And I didn’t care that he was not big. Or that he was not a she. I loved him.

We call Koda the radar dog, because he flies under the radar in this house. The girls have a tendancy to outshine him with their cuteness. He sort of despises cuddling. He is incredibly aloof and at times quite distant. He can be moody and grouchy and pretty much the most stubborn creature I have encountered. But then out of nowhere he will hit you with his cuteness. He will tell you he needs some snuggle time. He is, out of all the dogs, the one that everyone claims as their favorite after they meet him.

He is a lhasa apso. He is not a big dog. He likes to bark. He was not socialized. He loves to chew his feet and prance when on leash. His favorite food is toilet paper. His face is crooked and he is missing a tooth. We are waiting for the day that his groomer tells us he is no longer welcome on her table. He goes by multiple names and happens to adore his owl sweater. He now limps and makes popping noises when he walks. He is a lhasa apso and he is not a big dog and he is all mine and I love him and he is eleven years old today.


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