isn’t it strange, how we move our lives for another day

the title is from a song that knocks me to my knees. it reminds me how short life is. it reminds me to appreciate what I have. it was what was playing the last time I saw my friend. he died the next day.

One year ago, I woke up to a Facebook status update of a self portrait of my friend in a hospital bed. One year ago, our phone rang alot. One year ago, I decided to bake cookies to bring to the hospital for my friend when he got out of surgery. One year ago, the mood continuously grew darker. One year ago, we got the worst possible news. One year ago, our friend, Angel Torres, died far too young.

I miss him. A lot.

His cookies are still on my kitchen counter.


One Comment to “isn’t it strange, how we move our lives for another day”

  1. I wrestle with the fact of “liking” this post, but I do. I have sort of dreaded this day for awhile. Can we go back, take it all back…go back to 366 days ago – when 2010 was filled with loveliness? Can we tell him maybe he should go to the doctor that day? *sigh* but it would not help. Missing you guys today more than usual. My heart longs to hug you and Robert on this day, to be with you in person. I love you both so much. My heart breaks when yours does.

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