I forget that Koda is going to be 11 years old in just a few short months. He is forever a young dog in my mind…until he gets sick. Or more recently, tears a ligament. And guess what….then tears another one. Then I am rudely reminded that my boy is getting old 😦

He was recovering exceptionally well from his knee surgery. Too well actually. He was using his bad leg far more than I, or the vet, was comfortable with. But then, after two weeks, he simply stopped using it. I was terrified that he “broke” his surgery from over-doing it. I made an appointment to visit the vet on Friday morning. And on Friday morning, while hanging out outside, my boy did the unthinkable. He tore the ligament on his OTHER leg. Really.

To the vet we went…good news= he did NOT ruin the surgery. I am still not 100% sure I understand why he’s not using the leg suddenly, but I think it has to do with overdoing it and having underlying issues with the leg due to age and wear and tear. The bad news = the other leg definitely needs surgery too.

SO…do you know what all this means? This means I have a dog that is unable to use either back leg. On top of that, he is SO stubborn….so the make-shift sling I made for him? Yeahhhhhh, not going so well.

But in case you were worried, he still manages to use his legs for stuff other than walking….

itch itch itch!!!


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