boring post

It seems that the blog has been a bit boring lately. The thing is…life has been relatively boring. The camera has been collecting dust. There hasn’t been much to say. But I don’t like seeing all those cobwebs up in the corners of this blog, so for the sake of blogging about something, anything, I present to you…my pitiful pup….

sad, right?!

It all started with an attempted attack on a passerby last Sunday.

Ok. He didn’t actually try to attack anyone. I mean, he wanted to. I think. Because he’s tough like that. But no, no attacks from this dog. Just some running. And barking. Ok, so I guess it does sort of sound like an attempted attack, but really it was just tough guy bravado. I think. Anyways. Running. Barking. A little sister jumping on his back. I know, random. But that is what she does.

And then he was a three-legged dog. Just like that. No crying. No wimpering. Simply, he suddenly stopped using the leg. I felt it and heard a slight snap. I though he must have dislocated it. I thought he would baby it for a bit, then be fine.

I thought wrong. By bedtime he was still rocking the three legs.

So on Monday I have the hubster bring him to the vets. Obviously, because I am a medical doctor and all, I prepared hubby for what would happen: Don’t worry, it will take two seconds. He’ll feel his leg, and then POP! He’ll pop his knee back in place and voila! All will be well in the world.

He called me after the visit.

Hey, I’m back with Koda.
How did it go? Did they pop the knee back in?
No, he is scheduled for surgery on Friday morning.
Seriously, they just popped the knee back in right? I was so right. You can just call me Dr. Wife for now on if you would like.
You’re not listening to me, he has surgery on Friday.

So he had surgery on Friday morning. Apparently he tore a tendon. Apparently this is slightly normal. Apparently, I suck at making doggy diagnoses.

This was post surgery on the way home.

While he was under the knife, we had some cosmetic surgery done on him as well. He got a little eyebrow lift.

I’m joking, I’m joking. We had them remove a cyst that has been growing over his eye. Now he looks like he is ready for Halloween, huh?!

Yesterday we removed the bandages….and relegated him to cone-of-shame status 😦

And there you have it.

I know….you envy my life. It’s ok, most people do. It’s not easy being this exciting.


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