the abuse of a pug

I’m a pug abuser, I admit it. I attack her with kisses. I force her to have her nails painted. I *GASP* make her wait for her dinner. But I really tipped the scales of abuse over the summer when I was determined that my pug would be a sports edition pug, like Puglet.

I decided that pugs should be swimmers. Puglet was a swimmer, after all. Geez, even Doodle had an olympic swimming moment! So much to the terror of poor Tinsley, I decided that she, too, should swim. The problem was, well, she really had no swimming abilities. AT ALL. But I still tried. Time after time I made her go into a pool made for dogs. And time after time, she ummmm, welllllllll, she sank.

And then, I had a lightbulb moment. What does a pug with no swimming abilities need?


I assure you, Tinsley was absolutely thrilled with this idea.

Ok, maybe thrilled isn’t exactly the right word.

get it off! get it off! get it offffffff!

And then, Tinsley had her very own lightbulb moment. She assessed the situation. The sand. The weird floaty device. THE WATER. Oh sweet jesus, she’s going to try to drown me again. SOMEONE CALL ASPCA NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

And so, before we could get in the water, there was the little matter of actually trying to catch the pug. Round and round daddy we went 🙂

And then the photos just up and stop! What…you didn’t think I was going to actually document the abuse, did you?!

Really…we got so focused on the terror of the pug, we forgot about snapping pictures. It seems, much to my surprise, that life jackets are absolutely no help whatsoever in making a pug want to swim. The waves (on a beach where there are seriously never any waves) certainly did not help the situation. The carelessness of mommy, not paying attention to the waves and letting my sweet mini-pug go RIGHT into a big scary wave? Take my word for it…definitely no help to the situation.

And so, my pug has been deemed a NON-sports edition pug. The life jacket has been hung up. The beach has been forgotten about. My pug will never be on an olympic swimming team.

But look at that face! You can’t tell me she didn’t fall in love with rolling in the sand!



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