you’ve been losing sleep, haven’t you?

You’ve been losing sleep over my dog drama, haven’t you? I appreciate your concern 😉

Since I asked for happy thoughts, I figure it’s only fair I share the prognosis with you…

The good news: my Bear does NOT have cancer. *pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeew* Because quite honestly, I went into the vet’s office sure that we would hear the complete opposite. Clearly, my glass is always half empty. It even has a little hole int he bottom that makes it constantly leak 🙂

The bad news:

We left with a pretty big question mark hovering over our heads.

His liver is inflamed. His gallbladder is full of sludge. There was a lot of concern over the galbladder and the potential for it bursting if we can’t get it cleaned out. He is now on a medication for his liver. A medication for his galbladder. After crazy research to get my dogs on the best possible food, I now have to feed him prescription Science Diet (please don’t get me started on how much I haaaaate this brand) for his liver. And I am under strict instructions to give no more treats 😦 I haven’t broken that terrible news to him yet. We will return in 6 weeks to see if any of his numbers have gone down, and hopefully at that point we will have more answers. The new test results will let us know if the current treatment plan is working. If not, we may need to next consider a biopsy of his liver.

So far, he has been feeling better. He went over a week with no issues, but on Monday he did start throwing up again. He is still eating so hopefully this spell will pass.

So my glass is still not overflowing…but it definitely is a little fuller ♥


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