gator tailing

gator tailing goes a little something like this:

find a gator.

get directly behind him (in a boat, of course!)

and then just follow him and marvel at mother nature. until he sees you. and panics. and splashes his tail at you and give you the briefest of impressions that he is going to turn around, come right onto the boat with you and teach you a thing or two about scaring a poor little alligator.

and because I was prepared for none of the above events, all you get is an image of the moment right as he spots us. Because the above? It left this photographer’s hands a bit too shakey, and her heartrate a bit too questionable to be thinking about anything other than self preservation 🙂

and that, my friends, is gator tailing 😉



3 Comments to “gator tailing”

  1. Being from Florida I see lots of these guys!


  2. florida? or somewhere else?

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