a dog’s life

bath time. apparently also known as torture.

I have lived in this house for what feels like forever. And apparently never looked up while in the kitchen. We have a sky light. WHAT?! Who knew about this and never told me?! We have a sky light that has always been covered up because well, it’s Florida. And it’s freaking hot without a sky light directing all that heat straight into the house. But I’m a photographer. And I love light. SO- uncover the sky light noooooooooow!!!!! I was giddy seeing all that yummy light! So now the poor pups not only have to suffer through the awful terror that is a bath, but they now have the added pressure of the lens focusing on them.

I think Tink looks hilarious wet. She is such a strange looking pup to begin with (I say that in the most loving way), but get her wet and she takes on a whole new level of weird.

and poor Koda. My god does he absolutely despise bathtime. There is crying and whimpering and brave attempts at taking flying leaps from the sink.

This next photo is really quite poor but I can’t resist sharing it because this is Koda, telling you exactly how he feels about this bathtime business

and please don’t think that I torture the two, and spoil the third. Oh no, she has her own special torture that we call Mealtime. Anyone that shares a house with a Pug knows that they are slightly psycho for food. We have a special bowl that slows her feeding and really works quite amazingly- we went from her eating her food in less than 30 seconds to it taking her sometimes as long as 3 minutes to complete a meal. But the bowl is not enough. One of the best things we learned in our obedience classes was the command leave it. We use it at meal time, pouring her food and telling her to “leave it”. She stands at her bowl, at the ready, waiting impatiently for the release command of ok. Best “trick” EVER. She is SO good at it and very rarely breaks the command before I release her. She is so patient with it that I sometimes forget to release her, and hubby has to remind me that she is still standing at the bowl, waiting to eat. oops!

Not the best shots…but here she is patiently waiting…


One Comment to “a dog’s life”

  1. Of course I LOVE this. And seeing Pug Tinsley on the Water Bowl in action, in person, is fantasticness.

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