Friday Five

I’m bored and tired and restless and frustrated I have nothing exciting to blog about. And so, you get this.

1.  Water.  I love water. A lot. I always have a bottle handy. It’s one of those never-leave-home-without-it items. Last night I needed to start a 12-hr fast for a medical test today. I was banned from everything, including water. 12 HOURS WITHOUT WATER. It was tragic. People, I drink water in my sleep. For real. I’m pretty sure my insides shriveled up just a little bit. I think that I died of dehydration for, like, 3 seconds.

2.  Baked Cheetos.  I looooove cheesey puffs. But “healthy” ones? That are tasty? Suuuuuuuuuure. They are, in fact, tasty! Go figure.

3.  Gum Chewers.  To all the naughty gum chewers out there: I do not want to hear your gum being chomped on. I do not want to see what color said gum is. Did your mothers show you no manners whatsoever???

4.  The Perfect Sofa.  Hubby and I have been fantasizing about replacing our couch. It seems like it should be a simple task. We have gone to a couple of stores to pipe-dream and apparently it is not that simple. Do I want leather? Ummm, NO. Do I want something that screams “Hellllllllo! I want my furniture to look like a tacky Florida model home”? Ummm, NO. Oh, ok, so apparently there are no sofas appropriate for us, because that is ALL that is out there. Boo to ugly sofas!

5.  Public Service Announcement.  Please heed my advice. If your dogs poops, and you are responsible and scoop the poop and then there is no where to dispose of the bag, think twice before transporting the bag in your car. On a hot day. Just sayin’



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