This sign cracked me up. As a Floridian, I am accutely aware of the presence of gators. As a Floridian, I don’t need a sign as a reminder that my dogs would be tasty morsels to gators. I don’t think much about it- I am aware they are there. I am cautious with my pups. I don’t wonder if a gator might be in a body of water, I assume a gator IS in the water.

So at first this sign surprised me. Ummmm, DUH people! Do you really need a sign to tell you this?! Then I remembered we are the land of the tourist. Tourists need signs. They definitely need signs. I had a customer come into my work the other day. They are here from Canada. They asked their friend that they are renting their home from if there were any gators in the lake behind the house. The friend said nope, I’ve never seen a gator back there. So the Canadians let their boxer swim in the water. They heard a loud splash, looked up in time to see their dog charging out of the water, bloody midsection, with a gator sinking deep into the water. The dog was ok; superficial wounds and quite shaken up.

Whether you can see them or not, they are there. Kinda like sharks 😉


4 Comments to “caution”

  1. I can relate to your post. I live in South Florida. Freshwater definitely means there are gators, whether you see them or not! 🙂

  2. I saw this same warning at Sleeping Turtles Preserve, and it cracked me up, too! I would never, ever want to live on the water in Florida. It’s just too dangerous, especially if you have pets. I hope the Canadians’ dog is okay now! Too bad they had to learn the hard way. 😦

    • oh my gosh Emilee- that’s where this was! It was our first time visiting it- what a great place for a little nature with your dog!

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