macro photography ~ behind the scenes

It’s no secret. Macro photography is where my heart lies. If I could figure out a way to make a living making photographs of itty bitty things I would be a seriously happy girl. One of my most favorite things to shoot is insects. Which will forever strike me as strange, considering insects technically, well, scare the living bejesus out of me. I find them beautiful, and fascinating and sometimes secretly wish I could turn back the clock and go to school for entemology. But they scare the living bejesus out of me just the same. I am not sure where my fascination came from. Sometimes I get annoyed with the urge to want to photograph insects. Because I do not actually enjoy getting heebie-jeebied.

Currently, I shoot with a 60mm macro lens. Up until about a year ago, I did all of my macro work with a 35mm macro lens. What a lot of people don’t realize is just how close that puts you to your subjects. When I was shooting with the 35mm, I would sometimes bump my macro subjects. oops! Shooting with the new 60mm I am afforded a bit more space, but honestly, I miss the in-your-face quality of shooting with the 35mm.

Over the weekend we took a hike in Myakka State Park. While I was singing woe is me that I couldn’t find anything fun to shoot, I spotted an itty bitty subject. And the frustration began. Here’s a macro math equation for you:  macro + teeny tiny + wind = a grumpy photographer! Because I shoot at a larger f/stop, and I am so close to my subjects, my focus has to be precise to get the shot. If I, or the subject, moves even a fraction of an inch, my shot can be ruined. Adding wind to that equation can make things tricky. Also add in a lens that will continuously search to focus if the subject is too small, forcing me to use manual focusing. All these things made this one of my hardest shoots to date.

sometimes, if I just stare at my subjects long enough, something is bound to happen. Here I was thinking…if I stare long enough, maybe the wind will just go away.

last effort before quitting

and the final result….

On our way back we stumbled upon one more subject. This one proved even more difficult because not only was it still windy, this little guy was hanging out on his web, which is easily moved with even the thought of a breeze, as well as poor light, miniscule size (both of these spiders were no bigger than my pinky nail) AND he was intent on terrifying me with fast FAST movements in my direction. Spiders….why must you scare me so very much?!

and a few of the final shots…


2 Comments to “macro photography ~ behind the scenes”

  1. ok, I need a macro. Those are so cool. I love the behind the scenes. The arrows made me laugh. Really awesome shots!!

  2. These macro shots of yours are so cool!! Nice!

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