well, THAT was uplifting…

ok, so that last post? uplifting right?! I can’t just leave a post like that dangling in the air, all lonely and vulnerable. But how do I fix it? In true form, I don’t actually want to talk about what is bothering me, at least not yet, but I feel it is necesasary to take steps to counteract the boo factor of that last post. What better way than to just go a little random, and give you a quick glimpse into the mind of me….

Random Facts About Me.

1. I have a contest going on in my head. I have been trying to decide who I would like as a replacement grandfather. It’s a three-way tie between Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman, and Walter on Fringe. It’s really a tough decision to make.

2. I love eating Starburst.  However, the fruity goodness sometimes can push my OCD into overdrive. I always eat my Starburst in somewhat of the same order….ALWAYS start with the red, ALWAYS end with the pink….and what happens in between is anyone’s guess.

3. I keep my car running while I gas up my car. This stresses a certain someone out. Sometimes…I like to text her while my car is running, being gassed up, just to inform her that I am risking my life at that very moment.

4. Sometimes I catch myself watching Jersey Shore. And then I get realllly embarassed and hope that no one knows that I am watching Jersey Shore. And then I tell the whole world that I sometimes watch it.

5. I love my iPod. But I don’t trust it’s decision making skills. I set it on shuffle, and hit next, next, next, next, next ,next…..I listen to one out of every 10 songs the iPod picked for me. Which is dumb, considering I picked all the songs that are on there.

There. That’s about all I’ve got at the moment. A little better though, right? Right?!


One Comment to “well, THAT was uplifting…”

  1. BHAHAHAHHAHAHHAA! I love that I made #3!!
    And my vote for a replacement grandpa – Morgan Freeman – because he loves me with his Visa commercials.

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