two shots

Sometimes, as a photographer, you don’t get many chances at getting “the shot”. Yesterday, I got only two chances at getting the photo I wanted.

I stumbled upon the perfect photo. A fly  a favorite subject of mine) on a milkweed. The color of the fly, the color of the flowers in addition to the silk of the seeds- perfect! I was faced with two obstacles: 1. it was windy. Wind + macro = blur. 2. the fly itself. Flies tend to be, well, flighty 😉 I get super close to my subjects, and with insects that can be a tricky thing to pull off without scaring them away.

Shot 1 (this shot is SOOC -straight out of camera)

Obviously, this shot was a failure. The fly is clearly not in focus. Also, once I was looking through the viewfinder I realized I wanted the next shot to be positioned differently. I wanted the blue to be a bit more prominant in the shot.

Shot 2- success!

and right after I pressed the shutter? The fly flew away 🙂 If I had a third chance, I would have played with getting the blue sky a bit more. It was tricky getting the blue- behind this plant is a starfruit tree. The blue was coming through a gap in the branches- with the gap constantly changing as the wind blew.

For only having two chances, I would say things worked out great!


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