Fuzzy Face

I miss his fuzzy face.

A while back he had to have some minor surgery on his chin. I knew the vet was going to shave the entire chin area, so to avoid a silly looking dog I had the groomer cut his entire face down. And I HATED it. I still hate it. I am unhappy to say his face hair is taking a ridiculously long time to grow back. I suspect it may be out of spite, after making fun of the new haircut too much 😉 Now my dog reminds me of a man that has had a beard for as long as anyone can remember, and then with no consideration for others, goes off and shaves that beard. Leaving everyone weirded out and uncomfortable around the naked chin.

I want the fuzzy face back.

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One Comment to “Fuzzy Face”

  1. That is why I ask Josh to never shave all of his facial hair! 🙂

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