Adventures in Sitting…and Dog Walking MMA-Style

She’s cute, right? She looks sweet, right? She looks like she would be an easy-going, cooperative little puggy, right? And for the most part she really is all those things. Except for a little itty bitty teeny tiny problem with being stubborn.

Case in point….sitting. You ask a dog to sit, they sit. Ok, maybe not right away, but eventually with some sweet talking and treat bribing, they sit. I have had Pug Tinsley for four months and try as I might I cannot get this girl to sit. So I decided to step up my efforts and sign up for a basic obedience class.

Wednesday night was our first class. They call each dog into the ring individually. As I sit, nervously waiting for Tinsley to be called, I watch the other dogs as they approach the trainer. As they meet, the trainer asks the owner to have their dog sit. Uh-oh. I watch. Every. Single. Dog sits. Every one. And then they call us. *sigh* We approach the trainer. “please have Tinsley sit.” My face turns a shade of red. “ummm, that’s why we’re here….she can’t sit.” time to make me more red….”you’re dog CAN’T sit?! She has never sat a day in her life?! This is an amazing dog!!!” *sigh* “ok, let me re-phrase…my dog CAN sit, she just won’t on command.”

And this is when I would like to give Tinsley a sweet little pat on the head for backing her mommy up….because for the entire class, she never sat. Not once. While the trainer was talking I could see her eyes always going back to Tinsley. And always, Tinsley was standing there. Not sitting. So when the time came for us to practice the sit command, I must have looked officially defeated because all three trainers came to my aid….and all three trainers failed to get Pug Tinsley to sit. Epic failure. 🙂 The German Shepards? They were all sitting. The labs? sitting. The Standard Poodle? sitting. And the Spaniel? yup, totally sitting. And there stood Tinsley. This is going to be an interesting 7 weeks 😉

We had a visit with the vet yesterday. While there, I voiced a concern I had about something that has happened to us twice while walking. And the visit in my vet’s office went in a hilarious direction….with the diagnosis being that my Pug is like an MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter. Rewind a moment….twice while walking with a choke collar, my dog has passed out. Scary right? Trust me….very scary. And just so you don’t think that I am an evil rotten doggy mom, this happens in a very short period of time, I am not allowing her to pull tight on the chain for any length of time. Example…from my mailbox to my car (which is maybe 30 feet). So- back to the diagnosis…my 14 lb pug is hardcore lol. Like an MMA fighter, she overrides the urge to tap out, and get instant relief from being choked. Instead she pushes on, until she chokes herself out. Remedy….obviously no more chains.

Little mini pug Tinsley has been such a fun addition to our household. But goodness, she has presented some interesting challenges lol. I suspect having her in our lives will be quite an adventure 🙂


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