Another Friday Five?

Sure, why not?

1.  Aging.  So, ummmmmmmm, I have a confession. There is this radio station. We listen to it at work. And I love it. And I may have then programmed it into my car radio.  And their tag line? Soft & Contemporary. ouch.

2.  Candy Corn.  Not sure if I even need to expand on this?

3.  Working Out.  So here is the deal. I had an office job. I got a new job that is very much NOT an office job. Since December of last year I have lost about 20 pounds simply by going to work every day. I still eat Cheese-Its like they may disappear off the face of the earth at any given moment. I still drink a hefty glass of whole milk before bed. I still want to marry both Ben AND Jerry. Just by working a more physical job, I have come closer to the body that I want. So I decided, if I have lost this much weight doing nothing, imagine if I started actually doing something? So I started doing something….and could barely walk for three days 😉 Working out is for the birds.

4.  Friends.  I am a tough person to be friends with. I hate the phone. I am a tad anti-social 🙂 Sometimes I go MIA. Yup. I’m a tough person to maintain a friendship with. Which makes me incredibly thankful for the firends I have. Now, if only I could move them all into the neighboring houses….

5.  Yummy Buttery Photographs.  Sometimes you take a photo and you say YUM! That photo was made with a dallop of buttery goodness! Case in point…


One Comment to “Another Friday Five?”

  1. How fantastic is that photo?!!!! Wayfantastic – at the very least. 🙂

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