Yuck Alert!

Don’t say you weren’t warned…..

so remember that lovely day to myself I was talking about a bit ago? Part of that day was to be dedicated to forcing myself to take photos, even though I was thouroughly uninspired. As I was pedaling along I was constantly faced with the view of these horrid spiders, their gorgeous webs catching the sunlight perfectly. I want to be clear about something; I HATE spiders. I love bugs, even though they creep me out. I have the embarassing distinction of being busted by a friend as I attempted to rescue a fly from the horrid fate of being trapped in a convenience store (ummm, yeah, for real). I do everything I can to not kill creepy crawlies. But these guys? Ummmmm nothankyou. Because I hate these things so very much, I realized this was the ultimate challenge.

I would also like to be clear about something else (sort of a gratuitous pat on the back for working through spider-fear); These were all shot with my 60mm macro lens. For you non-photogs…that means I was pretty damn close to this guy. Reallllllllly close. But I did it. I even accomplished most of the shots with manual focus, which has always been a struggle for me. So I declare that day a complete and total success.

and my favorite (and I swear it isn’t my favorite just because a certain something is absent- though that doesn’t hurt!)……


2 Comments to “Yuck Alert!”

  1. The web IS oh-so fabulous!!! However, the spider photos are SO great…even though they totally creep me out with his fuzzy needle legs. 🙂

  2. my word…. for spider pictures, these are freaking awesome! and i totally love that last one….. i love how you got such detail in the web.

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