My Deepest Apologies….

I have been missing in action for quite some time, and here I am, returning, and I am going to irritate you with another one of "those posts". Yeah. You know the post I am talking about….it's Dave time people!


For most people summer means going to the beach, baseball games, cookouts and fireworks. For DMB fans, summer means one thing: concerts! I am fortunate to be able to go to a couple of concerts in the summer, and this summer has definitely been my best, with an eventual total of six.

On Wednesday I went to Tampa for a super special up close and personal kind of a concert. This Wednesday I got to experience Dave from the pit. I stumbled upon some pretty dumb luck and ended up with these tickets. I checked the computer numerous times for weeks confirming that I did indeed have such amazing "seats". I was still not convinced until I received the tickets a week or so ago. In hand, I was able to confirm- why yes, yes they did say pit! (pit is a general admission spot RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STAGE- work your magic and you can be ridiculously close).

We arrived not super early but definitely not late. Once again, our special ability of non-planning paid off and when we strolled into the pit area we were dumbfounded to realize that we had a spot CENTER STAGE, 3-4 rows back. WHAT?!


This is the opening act's set. Carter's drums were set up behind these, but the microphone stayed in the same spot for Dave. CAN YOU SAY CLOSE?!

Anyone that has spent time in Florida in the summer can understand my next statement….it was not easy to stay in this one spot, for hours, too scared to move for fear of losing your spot. It was well beyond hot. I had moments that I didn't even think that I would make it through the opening act, let alone the actual concert. I was nervous. Very nervous. But I was also well hydrated and determined. And I survived!!!! And it was worth every single drop of sweat because I have never experienced anything like this.



To see every single facial expression. To not miss one moment because it was not on the big screen. To see them smiling at each other. To see the sweat running off Dave's guitar. TO MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH DAVE (I super duper swear I am not delusion…for real people, EYE CONTACT!). I always knew being up close would be awesome, but I never understood the actual level of amazingness such an experience could hold.

Some guys in front of us had these sunglasses. They threw them up on stage. Dave snatched them up and rocked them out. The sunglasses? The guys actually got them back at the end of the night!
*this photo is from a Facebook friend that was there as well

DAve sunglasses-CROP


This is my most favorite moment of the entire night. I love the jamming that happens during these shows. I love the way the band interacts with each other. And this moment? Effing amazing. If you watch no other vieos that I post below here, please watch this duel, it is so awesome!

I introduce you to Tinsley's namesake, Mr. Boyd Tinsley.  Super awesome violin player!


Video time…..

 I should point out….this is a very short moment…..this duel went on for EVER!

Dave & Boyd Duel- Tampa7-28-10 from kristie kulik on Vimeo.

The sunglasses….


Dave Sunglasses- 7-28-10 from kristie kulik on Vimeo.

One of my favorites that always gets the crowd going *LANGUAGE ALERT- don't play with little ears around)


Dave Sexy Motherfucker Tampa 7-28-10 from kristie kulik on Vimeo.

look at him looking at the camera!!!


Dave- Sister from kristie kulik on Vimeo.

Why I love this man so much….


Dave Dancing- Tampa 7-28-10 from kristie kulik on Vimeo.

That's all. 🙂 Thanks for tolerating all this!

And a super special thanks to my friend April for getting all of these photos and videos!!!! She is way sneakier than I am and there would be NO photos if not for her!






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