Friday 5

Friday 5-jpg

It's that time again! Let's just jump right in…

1.  Books. I looooooove books. Love them! I go through phases where I don't read for awhile and then I start craving books. I went on a bit of a book binge about a month ago when I went to the bookstore "to just look" and walked out with my arms full. Of the books I bought, there were two that I fell head over heels for. They are the kind of books you want to loan out to your friends because they are so good…but you don't really want to loan them out for fear they never return πŸ™‚

The Art of Racing in the Rain and The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

Not surprisingly, the central theme in these two books is dogs. I know, I know! Shocking! These books are SO very different from each other, but both SO amazing in their own right. The Art of Racing in the Rain was a surprise for me. The entire book is narrated by Enzo, a dog. It was hard for me to be convinced I would be able to take a dog narrating a book seriously. I was so very wrong. This book is amazing in so many ways. And then there is The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. I am pretty sure this book will go on my very short list of absolute favorites. I have to admit, I have toyed with the idea of this book for over a year. Every single time I go to the bookstore I pick this book up. I leaf through it. I read the book jacket over and over again. And every time, I put it back. This last time I picked it up, I loved how heavy it felt in my hands. I loved the rough edges of the pages. And that is honeslty why I bought it. Because the book jacket certainly did not sell me. I just liked the way it felt in my hands. I am SO happy I finally bought it! This is the kind of book that you absolutely do not want to put down, but you convince yourself to, so that you can extend your time with it for a little longer. This is the kind of book that you sigh heavily when you finish it. That keeps coming back into your thoughts, even though you are done with it. It's a must read!  Geek moment officially over πŸ˜‰

2.  Summertime!  My summer officially begins next week with my annual trip out to Indiana to go fangirl crazy for the Dave Matthews Band β™₯ All the tickets have arrived this week, I am already packing my bags, and crossing my fingers and toes that this year is THE year, and we walk away from this adventure with a photo with Dave himself. A girl can dream, right?!

3.  Sickness.  I am on my 4th week of being sick. Yes my friends, you read that sucker right….FOUR WEEKS. I finally went to the doctor's office last week and found out I have asthmatic bronchitis. I honestly have no clue how that is different from plain old fashioned bronchitis, all I know is that I am ready to be over it!! I finally have two days off in a row, so I am laying low and taking it easy and just hoping upon all hopes that all this medicine does the trick and I am healthy by next week.

4.  Peanut Butter & Jelly.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love random? lol. I also love PBJ β™₯ It's my lunch of choice lately, and it makes me smile. A little JIF and some raspberry preserves? YUM!

5.  Adapting.  I am amazed at how well little Tinsley is adapting to our household. I worried it would be a process getting her comfortable with our routine, with the other dogs, with everything. She has amazed us with just how comfortable she has made herself. She has certainly made herself at home, and we are loving every minute with this adorable little bug-eyed girl!

Have an awesome weekend…and take your vitamins πŸ˜‰



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