Oops! otherwise known as Tinsley otherwise known as..well, I’m running out of space here


We learned a valuable lesson this past week. Well, ok, we learned two valuable lessons- the most important being that when you have been sick for three weeks, the doctor, even when you have no insurance, is SOOOOO worth visiting!  And lesson number two?

It seems we make bad foster parents. REALLY bad foster parents. So bad, in fact, that I believe this little cutie was only a foster for about 2.6 seconds before we fell in love. 

A very long, dramatic story cut super short- little Kalekimaka’s (yes, for real) parents we no longer able to keep her. Due to lots of circumstances, they had no time, and no other option than to bring her to the pound. We were contacted, we offered to take her in and find her a home to avoid a possible one-stop drop at the shelter, and worst case, we would contact a rescue group and surrender her to them. The next day, we were greeted with this face. 

To our defense, I think that we really, TRULY believed we would be able to be super good foster parents. We have no good excuse other than we are suckers. I sort of feel like the cat lady :/ We really did put a lot of consideration into this, and decided to just throw caution to the wind and go with it. We didn’t seek her out, we never would have taken the steps to aquire ANOTHER dog gah! but she found her way here, and what the hell!

So we have a new addition….Tinsley ♥ (what, you thought we were sticking with Kalekimaka?!?!)


One Comment to “Oops! otherwise known as Tinsley otherwise known as..well, I’m running out of space here”

  1. SO SO SO CUTE!! Love her name too!! Congrats!

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