It’s Friday. That should mean we are ready for our weekly dose of Friday 5, but I don’t feel like 5’in it today. I blame it on this wretched cold that I cannot get rid of. That has been lingering for the past 2.5 weeks. That is making the people over at Puffs wonder why there sales have increased so much in SW Florida. That is making me want to sell my lungs on the black market for a very cheap price. I digress…

So let’s just get a little random. A few random little facts about me…

* I still sleep with a woobie of sorts. Yup. I said it. I MUST sleep with something bundled up and tucked under my arm. It doesn’t matter what it is, so long as it is bundle-able and tuck-able. Currently, it is a legit woobie 🙂 A baby quilt that my Bucki (aka grandmother) made for me when I was a baby. When I travel, it is as basic as a bundled up shirt. Weird, but oh so true.

* Sometimes, I talk in doubles. Especially if I am baby-talking a dog, everything I say, I say it twice. If I allow myself to spend too much time on WebMD I will convince myself that there is something freakishly wrong with my brain and this is just the first sign. Instead I tell myself that it is just an incredibly annoying habit. An incredibly annoying habit.

* I never paint my nails because the moment they dry, I am itching to peel the paint off.

* Growing up, I had an insanely difficult time saying the word bridge. Whenever I type the word out, I get slight anxiety. I hate the word bridge!

* I don’t know the names of many songs. Yup. It’s true. My favorite band in the whole wide world? The band I am freakishly obsessed with? I would SO lose a name-that-song contest. I identify songs by something along the lines of this statement…you know, that song where they sing about that thing?

Ok, that’s all I’ve got. Must go inflate the lungs….. 


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