A Letter to My Mojo

Dear Mojo,

I would like to fomally forgive you. I was not happy when you left me. It hurt me the way you left, with no note, no warning signs, just suddenly gone. I was angry with you for a long time. I felt betrayed. I thought we would be together always. I thought that what we had was special. And then you left me. While I was busy thinking that we were doing fabulous, that we couldn’t be better, you just up and left. You broke my heart. But I forgive you. I understand now that you had to go. You obviously had more important things to tend to. I get that now. And now you are back. It may take me a while to trust you again, but you are back. I am beyond thankful for that.


p.s. if you ever leave me again, I swear I will trade you in for painting or poetry or underwater basket weaving. Consider yourself warned.

I am head over heels for the shot on the left…

and a new favorite… 


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