Nature, Unexpected

I love going to Myakka State Park, yet I always threaten to not bring my big camera. See, I am a close-up shooting kind of girl. My new 60mm lens? I feel insanely far away with it! And close up tends to not work so well in this park. So I always threaten to leave the beast of a camera behind, I have an internal argument with myself, and the smart side usually wins and I bring it “just in case”.  And honestly…I usually stomp my feet as we are leaving because I saw nothing inspiring and took no photos. I’m a brat. I know this.

Yesterday I was soooo happy I convinced myself to bring it! I stumbled upon the perfect model in the most unexpected place- the concession/restroom area. Forget about tromping through the woods to find inspiration, it was right there out in the open, patiently waiting for me!

As I have said SO many times, macro photography has really allowed me to truly open my eyes to the world around me. So as I was coming down the ramp, I immediately spotted this guy sunbathing.

I hurried back to the car, grabbed the camera that I almost convinced myself not to bring, and had myself an impromptu photo session. I had an incredibly patient model! I should point out- as I said, I shot these with a 60mm macro lens….which for the non-photogs out there, means I was CLOSE. When doing macro photography…I start slow and stay at a reasonable distance to try and get some guaranteed shots, and then I like to really push my luck. I get closer. Get a series of shots. And then get closer. Get another series of shots. And then I get even closer. I have been known to bump my subjects with my lens 🙂

Comfortable distance:

and starting to push my luck:

a super crop of the above photo…. 

when I sort through my photos, I usually magnify the eyes to make sure my focus is sharp- this is not killer quality since it is sized down for the web and is a super duper crop- but I loved seeing the reflection of the clouds and sky, and walkway railing, in this guy’s eye! See?! Catchlights are important…even for a lizard’s portrait!!!


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