5 on Friday

Friday 5-jpg

It's been a while…so why not? This Friday, let's get our random on, ok?

1. Left Turns.  I hate them. Seriously. Hate. Them. It's such a weird quirk of mine, I have chosen to just go with it, as opposed to analyzing and trying to correct it. Ever since the first time I was instructed to take a left turn into a busy intersection in driver's ed class, I have hated these death defying maneuvers. (ok, ok, I know death defying may be a bit dramatic, but in my defense, have you seen the way Floridians drive?! It's seriously frightening- even when they have nicely lit arrows TELLING them it is a-ok to go, they still get confused!). Right hand turns, on the other hand? Love 'em. 🙂

2.  Farmer's Tan.  I am aquiring a farmer's tan. I am very much NOT ok with this situation. I liberally apply sunblock every morning before work, and somehow, I still end up all farmered up. *sigh*

3.  Broken Dishes.  I have done some detective work, and have come to only one plausible conclusion….there are little gnomes in my cabinets. At night, they get their little gnome tools out and methodically chip away at my dishes, leaving barely visible fractures so with the slightest tap on the side of the sink, they will crumble away and I will whine that yet another dish has broken. It is the only thoery I've got people.

4.  Unbalanced.  I have a problem with sitting in a nice, proper way. I have so sit slightly unbalanced…one foot tucked under me, the other up on the seat, knee up against my body. This is in spite of the fact that I have horrendously old achey joints and just about every single time I get up from sitting, I squeal in pain. And then when I sit back down, I get all bent and smooshed in all over again.

5.  Found!  I found something a little while ago. It's my mojo. It told me to tell you hi. Just thought I would let you know 🙂

and just because it reminds me of a perfectly simple, simply perfect kind of day…




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