4 Years Ago…

4 years ago today, Operation Wear-Husband-Down-With-Psychological-Warfare was a complete and total success. 4 years ago today, I finally brought a certain little puggy home.

4 years, and one month, ago today I asked for only one thing for my birthday (ok, who are we kidding, I had a LIST, but there was only one Very Important thing that I wanted)- a certain little puggy, in a pink argyle sweater. What? I thought the argyle sweater could act as wrapping paper! Because she happened to come to work with her owner every day, and because that happened to be right next door to where I work, ALL DAY I expected that at any moment, a certain little puggy would be entering the room wearing a fabulously pink argyle sweater. And ALL DAY, I was repeatedly let down. I suspect that this may have been my husband's counter-attack of psychological warfare, but I have no way to prove it.

Because I was so very let down, I decided to work a little harder towards my objective. And just one month later, 4 years ago today, to be exact, my hard work finally came through and I smelled success in the form of a certain little puggy hopping into my car, and taking a ride to her new forever home.

The past four years have been quite the adventure….we have dealt with mange and skin infections and toe nails that may have never have been cut and vertigo and raging ear infections. We have gone through more antibiotics than I care to actually count. We have had to fish a certain little puggy out of a canal. We have had a very scary trip to the doggy ER. We had a very big let-down of a trip to a specialist in Tampa. We have spent so many hours in our Vet's office that I wonder if they ever actually put her file away, or if they just keep it at their desk, within easy reach, to make their lives easier. We flush out ears religiously and twice daily apply eye ointment. We have discovered a new allergic reaction to her regular vaccines. We have watched verrrrrry slowly as she still, 4 years later, continues to grow and break out of her little puggy shell. We have watched as a deaf pug struggles with the confusion of losing her eyesight.

The past four years I have truly learned what it means they say "(wo)man's best friend". I have never invested so much time or energy into a pet before, and four years later, I can tell you that I still would have done every single thing in my power to get a certain little puggy out of the situation she was in, and into my home.

I cherish the rare little pug kisses she so seldomly hands out. I love the slow way that she wakes up in the morning, and how she FINALLY *almost* lets me scratch her entire belly. I love watching how happy she gets when she realizes that she is going for a car ride. I love seeing her reaction when she sees an old friend from her past, and her entire body wags with delight. I love seeing her impatience when she watches me cut her up an apple. I love how she sits so very UN-ladylike. I just love everything about this crazy little puggy.

4 years ago today, I started a weird little puggy adventure, and I can only hope that the adventure continues on and on and on and………



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