I have a very small cirlce of friends that I trust with my entire soul….ok, so it's a VERY small circle of two. They both live far away. I feel sad about this a lot. When I turn my back after saying goodbye to either of them…I tend to cry.  One of the two came for a last minute visit this past weekend. It turned my frown upside down. On top of this little visit lifting my spirits, it also made me proud.

See….my friend April has been inquiring about my photography for quite some time. She has asked me questions that have made me realize that photography was not just a passing interest, that this was something she truly wanted to know more about. So when she finally bought a camera a few months ago, I was beyond excited for her. I sent her book recommendations. I sent her links to blogs. And I crossed my fingers that between working and taking care of three kids she would somehow, miraculously, find the time to soak up some of the information.

And then she came to visit.

And she blew my mind. She had that camera out ALL. THE. TIME. She walked into an intersection (very carefully, I promise!) to get THE shot. And when I questioned her, she informed me that since figuring it out, she has not taken her camera out of manual mode. Bestill my heart. She asked lots of questions, and was open when she wasn't quite figuring it out, and wasn't afraid to ask again.

And then I saw her do this…

My best friend was lying flat on the ground to get the right angle. People….my friend is becoming a photographer, and I couldn't be prouder!   I honestly believe that what took me a couple of years to figure out, she is going to figure out much faster! She has courage behind the camera that I am insanely envious of!

And she is not just a budding photographer…she is a fabulous model 🙂 I wanted to test her 50mm 1.4 lens (which I failed epically at!), so I forced her to sit real quick before we had to go to the airport.

She rocks the yearbook look lol….


And when I inform her that there is a tarpon tail dangling over her head, she knows just where to point…


And she looks fabulous, even when the photographer can't quite figure out how to shoot at f/2.0 while battling camera shake 🙂


*oh yeah, and feel free to hate her for her stupidly gorgeous hair. I do ♥ 


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