Sad Little Puggy

We are coming up on the Pugcake's 4th anniversary with us as her family. It has been a long road filled with lots of ailments and antibiotics and ear flushes and vet visits and and and…..and I am SO thankful to have her in our lives. As The Pug gets older, we have been facing new speedbumps. The biggest being her declining vision. It is sad seeing a my little pugcake, who is already lacking one sense (hearing) begin losing yet another. She has adapted so well, but sometimes she has bad days. And I am a mean mommy, and may sometimes documents those bumps in her road…

This is what a pug looks like right after she walks into a door. Not through a door…INTO a door.


 After a pug walks into a door, she gets a little irritated. So she requests going back inside…and then proceeds to get confused when said door is left open


commence confusion….


and the final look that says "screw this, I'm taking a nap!"


*disclaimer…..I am well aware that these photos are not very good lol. But I decided to throw caution to the wind and capture the moment as opposed to focus on getting tack sharp…and well, honestly, I was trying to shoot at 2.0 and I have never ever done that before and yup- I need lots more practice ;)  


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