Puffy Pug Cheeks

Do you see this face?

This face scared the living daylights out of me yesterday. So today, instead of boring you with another Friday 5, I decided to bore you with a scary pug story.

The Doodle was due for her yearly vaccines (rabies, dhpp, bordatella) earlier this month, but since she was knocked on her butt with a terrible respiratory infection we had to hold off until she was better. She got better. We rescheduled her appointment. Here is where my miserable little ocd mind gets caught up in what ifs. I worked a long week this week. LOTS of hours. I usually have to work my other job on Thursdays but was granted a free day this week. So what does a girl plan after a long work week and a bonus day off? Shopping of course! The plan: bring Pugface in for her shots, bring Pugface back home and head out to the land of Target. Perfection.

Then I realized that Doodle was sort of stinky. Because she had been so sick, I hadn't bathed her in awhile. She was in desperate need of a bath. SO- change of plans….(and this is where my heart stops for a moment when I think about what would have happened if I had NOT made these changes) Doodle would get shots, then we would swing by my work, give her a bath THEN bring her back home and head out shopping.

Shots were given. To the grooming room we went. I started bathing her, and started thinking I was losing my mind. I started questioning my dog-mom qualities. Her face looked different than I remembered. The skin around her eyes looked raw. I thought maybe I just hadn't noticed before, maybe being sick had really done a number on her. It is strange seeing something so scary happen right before your eyes. Because it is literally happening while you are staring, transfixed, you almost start to question what you are seeing. Her little upper pug lips started poofing out. Again, because it was all happening while I was right in front of her, I was confused with what I was seeing. It happened slowly AND quickly. I don't know how else to explain it. I continued bathing her, my heart rate slowly increasing. I rinsed. I stared. I blow dried her. I stared some more. Something was VERY wrong. She was acting fine, but her face was betraying her calm and normal behavior. Those adorable pug cheeks were swelling. Her eyes looked bizzare. Actually, her right eye was plain old disappearing. She looked more and more like a chipmunk.

I have a habit of grabbing my pug's face, smooshing it, and proclaiming "what a smooshy face you have!". I know, weird. But that was what officially pushed me over the edge….I poked that smooshy little face…..and it was hard. as a ROCK. I finally officially allowed panic to set in and make itself comfortable. I called the vet's office. They told me to rush out and buy Benadryl ASAP. I am SO happy I was at my work, because we keep a supply of Benadryl. I grabbed a pill, pried the hard little mouth open and shoved that miraculous little pink pill down poor Pugface's throat. I have never been so scared in my life. I sat and waited. And waited some more. And slowly, I started to see it take effect. It took a while, but the swelling went down enough that I finally felt like we were out of the woods. I brought Doodle home and hugged her. A lot. The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was check to see if she was breathing. Yup- she traumatized me!

It has been decided that next year the vaccinations will either be spaced out, or waived all together. I am hoping they decide that it is ok to waive them. I do not EVER want to go through this again. EVER.

What If……what if I HAD just went shopping? What if I decided to forgo the bath? I almost didn't bathe her because I thought it was mean to do right after her shots. What if? What if? WHAT IF?


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