Friday Five

Friday 5-jpg

I feel like SUCH a blog slacker that all my posts pretty much happen due to friday 5's, but I am working on digging up some inspiration to shoot, so hopefully I will post more soon!

1.  Food.  Sometimes I am overwhelmed with an urge to play with my food. Case in point:

Imagine my surprise when this did not cheer up our waiter 😦

2.  Kohler.  You know, "The Bold Look of Kohler", yup, that Kohler. I am smitten with their customer service today. We bought a Kohler toilet way back in 2004. I had to do some serious pouting and foot stomping to convince hubby that it IS ok to spend that much money on a toilet. I have a strange love for our toilet. I think it is fabulous, right down to it's awesomely square base. And then a couple months ago we discovered a hairline crack. We went back to Home Depot, who informed us that Kohler only has a one year warranty on their toilets. Oh :( They recommended we call Kohler's customer service anyways, and see if they would do anything. I put the phone call off because I was not prepared for the disappointment I was sure I would be facing. So imagine my surprise when I finally called today, didn't even have to raise a stink, was put on hold long enough to start to make me worry before the lovely CS lady got back on the line to inform me that they would be replacing our toilet!!! Yay Kohler!!!

3.  Surprises.  Every Thursday afternoon I work for my old boss. Last year, he and my co-worker forgot my birthday. Rude, I know! This year they made up for it by surprising me with birthday cards, presents, a hilariously original poem, cupcakes arranged on a plate to look like the number 31, and my favorite snack….wait for it………………corn nuggets!

4.  Cooking.  I hate cooking. With a passion. I am not very good at it. I once exploded a casserole dish within a freakishly close proximity to my head (lots of tears ensued!). I have caught ramen noodles on fire. Really. Flames. I once tried to cook a frozen pizza while it was still in it's plastic wrap. But lately….don't tell anyone, but I'm am starting to attempt to cook more. I know I know! I am ruining my reputation. I have a slight fear hubby may expect me to make dinner *gasp*! But I am making progress. We barely ever smell smoke any more when I cook. I make stuff that is actually edible. Well, most of the time it is edible.

5.  Purses.  Oh, sweet lovely purses. Can I tell you a secret? For the past two years I have had a sneaking suspicion that someone put a purse curse on me. I have been unable to find a purse that I truly loved. I came close a few months ago. I went back to the store. Stared in the mirror for an uncomfortable amount of time, analyzing how the purse hung off my shoulder, and decided that nope, it was not the one. The problem? Well, I'm picky, of course. And I don't like cheap….which is a problem, since I don't like to spend too much money on things like purses. And then I get bonus points for making the search even harder by wanting to find THE perfect purse that I can alter to safely carry my camera in. Why not just buy one fo those beautiful camera bags out there? Well….they are big. And they are camera bags. I don't want a camera bag. I already have three of those. I want a purse that also happens to safely carry my beloved camera for the every day. Guess what? I found it!!!!

I introduce you to my most gloriously lovely new Michael Kors purse. Even with the insane deal I got, I have never spent so much money on a purse before. And I am SO happy I did! I have never loved a bag so very much! I am super excited to have time next weekend to start figuring out how to alter this lovliness to safely carry my camera! 


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