Friday 5

Friday 5-jpg

It's that time again!!

1.  New Shoes This was my project 349 post last night, but it bears repeating…..I LOVE my new shoes. I have been on a very long, arduous manhunt for shoes that make me happy. Shoes that, when I look at them, I immediately know that the shoe maker had ME in mind when he was making them. Seriously people….I have been without shoes that make me happy for about  a year now…that is painful. And just plain wrong on so many levels. Go look at the fabulousness!

2.  Sneaky Blog Readers For the record, I know you're out there 🙂 Yup, it's true. I see my stats. I know you come on over for a visit. And I really appreciate your visits, really I do! But why don't you leave me comments??? It makes me sad :( Who doesn't love a little blog lovin'?!

3.  Visits I am super fortunate that I get to visit friends and family throughout the year. I had a quick trip to tropical Indiana this past weekend and had the most wonderful time. I must admit, I am no good at goodbyes though, so only having a few short days does a number on my heart. But a little secret? Though I have been here for a LONG time now, I have had an incredibly difficult time connecting to people my age in Florida. So these little trips I get to take? They mean SO much to me.

4.  Sick Pups Is there a secret rule book that I do not know about? I think there is. And in Chapter 17, paragraph 5 it clearly states that it is the duty of the pup to get sick the day before mom goes away on a trip. And it also states that said pup will get bonus points if they not only get an infection prior to mom deserting them, but also schedule the illness to go along with the vet's full schedule of surgery, therefore making it incredibly difficult and (bonus points here) immensly guilt inducing when mom has to drop pup off at the vet's,. and leave her there while she runs off to catch a plane.

5.  Summer Love ok, ok. I KNOW it is really annoying, my Dave obsession. I know it. But I don't care. And I obviously need to include this in my 5….summer tour dates are OUT! Ticket requests to three concerts are IN! Hotel reservations, MADE! It's a sickness I know. But honestly, the new year never really begins until the tour dates make their appearance. I am convinced that this year will be an amazing summer, and I am beyond determined to get that picture of me and Dave. IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!!

crazy fan girl, signing off


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