5’n it on Friday

Friday 5-jpg

It's that time again!!! Let's just jump right in, k?

1.  Project 349  I am actually following through with my cell phone project….though I was forced to rename it, since I missed 16 days :::blush::: I am really enjoying getting back into seeing more creatively and seeing life as art again.

2.  Song: Seven

I know, I know…crazy Dave fan. But I can't get enough of this song. It makes me so very happy every time I listen to it. I am especially in love with the part at the end when he yells "Woman, I am your possession! You are my obsession!". Love. It. so much so that I have a photo from my Tampa concert that captures him yelling this on my frige. ummmm, yeah, I have an amazingly tolerant husband ♥

3.  Canon 50D  I am pretty sure I am head over heels in love with my new camera. We have been gettting to know each other, and I have to say, I'm smitten. My Olympus was puppy love- the Canon is the real deal lol. My little hands are struggling with getting used to a much bigger camera, but boy do I love it! I am really looking forward to see what I do with it!

4.  Job Perks  One of the perks of my new doggy job is that I can use their facility to bathe my dogs. I know this does not sound like an exciting perk to many people, but for a girl with three dogs, who usually just brings them into the shower with her, this is a FANTABULOUS perk! I have been loving using a bath made specifically for puppers. And GOOD PRODUCTS!!!! Oh, can I just sing the praises of good grooming products for a moment??? Now, I used to bring my dogs to be groomed at a chain pet store :::averting eye contact::: and while my pups always came out smelling and looking fresh, it never lasted long. My work uses fabulously wonderful products…so fabulous that I bathed the pugger two weeks ago, and she still looks fabulous. We even have a product that is very much like BioSilk, which I use in my hair, and it makes them smell soooo good, AND look good too! Yay good products!

5.  Water  I love water. It's really pretty much all I drink. Except for a glass of V8 Splash in the morning. Water is so very tasty to me. We have been trying to save money at the grocery store….which means my super-loved giant bottle of Fiji water somehow got crossed off the list 😦 boooooo! The other day while we were buying water I grabbed a six pack of the small bottles, looked at hubby with my best puppy dog eyes, and said "can I puh-LEASE buy this, as a treat????" Who asks for water as a treat?!?!?!

Friday 5 signing off! have an awesome weekend!


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