The forget-to-take-a-photo Photo Challenge

Woooops! It seems as soon as I told myself I was going to start a 365 photo project, I also told myself it was ok to not start the project! This is sort of why I never tell myself I am going to do these things! I always end up forgetting. But today, I remembered.

It was easy to convince myself that I can't complete this project….for three days out of the week, I work 11 hours days, leaving when the sun has barely come out, and getting home when it already sets. But here is the thing….I have been in a photography rut, for ooooooh, I don't know, ALL of 2009! It is time to get myself excited about photography again! So I am going to start NOW. I am going to remove all pressure…if I miss a day, well, then I guess I miss a day. But I am not going to allow myself to quit.

The project: take a photo every day of 2010. It must be taken, and edited, ONLY on your cell phone. *I wish I could give credit to who told me about this…I saw it on Facebook and for the life of me cannot find who posted it. If anyone knows the original source, I would love to know!

I do not know if I will post once a week, every day, or how I will do it….we'll see. I am laying no rules down at this point! Sound like fun? Play along!

1.17.10 moxie

edited in: camera bag  effect: Instant 


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