I freed my new camera from it's box finally!!! I confess….I was scared of it. It seemed like so much MORE of a camera, and it made me shake in my boots slightly. But I ordered a new lens for it, which arrived on Thursday, and apparently that was all the inspiration I needed. The camera was freed!

I headed outside and took a couple quick snaps of the kiddos…

01-15-10 pups_13-WEB

ok, so there isn't anything actually exciting about this photo….technically it would normally be thrown away, but I wanted to share with you one of the many ways my Pugface likes to give me a heart attack. Her eyesight is very questionable, and she likes to go right up to the very edge of the dock- and I am sure she knows exactly what she is doing, and is doing it purely as punishment for all the times I smoosh her cheeks.

on to the real pics….

01-15-10 pups_21-WEB
01-15-10 pups_31-WEB
01-15-10 pups_36-WEB



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