Friday 5

Friday 5 is showing it's face again! I have been feeling a bit off-balance lately with trying to get adjusted to my new work schedule. However, this week I began what will be my normal schedule, so I am hoping I won't feel so discombobulated (really, isn't it always excited when you get to use that word?).

Since the past three weeks have allowed me to really do nothing other than immerse myself in my new job, I am afraid that is what this Friday 5 will be about 🙂

1.  Removing the Crown.  Let's just put it out there….I'm a princess. I didn't go out searching for the crown, it just sort of found me. While I hope I am not a complete and total annoyance of a princess, the fact of the matter is that I am, indeed, carrying the princess gene. This job has done something wonderful for me. It has forced me to remove my crown and leave it in the closet with the dustbunnies. For the past four years I have worked a four-day work week, 32 hours, 9-5. Perfect for a princess. The new gig? 11-hour days people. On your feet. And my first two weeks? I worked 55 hours each week. And are you ready for this? I did not complain. At all. I mean, I complained about the incredible and unrelenting pain in my feet at the end of each day, but I did not complain about the hours. About having to get up so much earlier. About coming home so much later. About how hard the job is. I did not complain. THIS IS HUGE! ♫ ding dong the princess is dead!!! ♫

2.  Doggy Daycare.  I would just like to say that I think that it is awesome how many people bring their furbabies to daycare! My dad thinks it is the strangest thing that he has ever heard of lol, but I think that whoever originally came up with the concept is brilliant and should be awarded some sort of medal. I am bringing Tinker with me to work on Monday and cannot wait to see how she likes it. I suspect she is going to be terrified at first, because she has not been socialized with other dogs, but I am hoping that after a few visits she will enjoy it.

3.  Merrell.  I need to talk about Merrell shoes for a moment. 11 hours on concrete? Holy ouch on this girl's feet! I went on a serious mission for good shoes. I went to one of my favorite stores, Dick's (yeah, really), and was dismayed to see that ALL the sneakers were dipped in silver. Really? REALLY? I stand firm when I say that I do NOT want to have super hero feet. I do not want people seeing me coming because the sun hits my shoes and sends out glaring waves of silver light. No. I just want comfy foot goodness. And then I remembered where the real goodness is….upstairs! So up the stairs I went and I hit the jackpot with the Merrell display. I don't know why I even bothered looking at anything other than this brand! Merrell, I ♥ you!

4.  Authority.  The exciting thing with working with dogs? You learn to get all authoritative and stuff. lol. I have a little voice. When I scold my dogs, it sounds more like a question that an order. When you are working with a large group of dogs, you get your authority on! I never knew my voice could sound that way! But really…when you have a group of 20-something big, rambunctious dogs playing, you find your voice, and you find it fast!

5.  Important Lessons.  When working at a boarding/daycare/grooming facility, you learn some pretty important lessons; waterproof mascara is most definitely your very best friend. When going out to group play, ALWAYS remove that slip lead from around your neck. Forget about doing your hair in the morning- the dogs don't care and will probably ruin it anyways. Sometimes it is better to not question what that stain is on your pant leg. When leaning over a water bowl to fill, and a doberman comes under you to drink…move quickly. The top of their heads are HARD. just sayin'. Bring a change of clothes. Every day. and the most important one…treat every dog as if it is your own ♥.

Needless to say, I am working HARD. I am feeling healthier than I have felt in a very long time. I am loving my new job 🙂

My boy…..


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