Catching Up

Phew!!! It has been a loooooooong week. I started my new job on Monday and I suspect they may be trying to kill me. I went from a 9-5 four-day work week to working 55 hours this week. Did I mention *phew*?! But I am pretty sure that being surrounded by dogs all day long is about as good as it gets, even if it is some pretty serious labor!

I am loving being so busy, and am getting used to being detached from a computer. Next week is another 55 hour week, then back to normal…phew!


Being so busy, I was sad to see the holidays slip past me without really noticing. I was so busy working that I didn't notice the holiday cheer in the air, and since I worked all day, didn't celebrate Christmas. I was just about to scream from a roof-top BAH HUMBUG!!!! when my husband handed me a box this afternoon. The contents…..only the best present EVER. I have been wanting to jump the Olympus ship for quite some time, years really, and have never been able to do it. Hubby made it happen. He is the best santa EVER!  


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