Reptilian Stealth

Last year, a friend was using our dock as a home for his boat while he was working on it. He spent many hours in our backyard. On one these days, he told us that he saw a large green iguana slinking around. Psh! Whatev buddy! Watch out for those boat fumes!

Mind you, we are in Florida. One of my favorite places, Boca Grande, which is about a 25 minute drive, happens to be "infested" with Iguanas and has hired Iguana catchers to rid the island of the lizards. However, I have never seen one off of the island. So really, I thought our friend was exagerating (sorry Mike!). Still, I kept my eyes peeled, hoping maybe I would catch sight. And finally, I did! Only, it was a rather small iguana…but an iguana just the same. I scurried to get my camera, got one bad snap, and he ran for his life. 

I gave up on my search.

And then, I came home early from work on Thursday. And there, taking a mid-day siesta, was a large iguana. I should take this moment to tell Mike: SORRY! I swear I believe you now!


I grabbed my camera and tested the waters to see how close he would let me get. First, I started in the middle of the yard (and crossed my fingers that the puppers would stay preoccupied!).

Then I got a bit closer, until I was just in front of the dock. He had his eye on me, but was too lazy to move.


I decided to push my luck. I got as many pics as I could, but I wanted more. CLOSER. So I slowly made my way onto the dock and got within about 6 feet, and got EXACTLY what I wanted 🙂


And then…………………Tinker The Stinker came prancing down to see what was up lol. Splash! The Iguana took flight and was gone. It was fun while it lasted!

And this last shot is pretty crappy, but I still wanted to share it….after he made his escape from the crazy dog, he took a swim over to the neighbor's dock. I was going to wait him out to see where he went, but I think I like the mystery, it's very Where's Waldo right in my back yard….


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