Friday 5

It's that time again! I feel a bit lame (ok, super lame) that the only time I update my blog lately is for the Friday 5's, but you know what? At least THAT is making me update! Currently, it's better than nothing, right? RIGHT?

1.  Bacon.  That's right, bacon.


yup, I love it. I have self-control issues, especially when it comes to bacon. I cannot turn it down. I know I am going to eat far more than is necessary. I know I am going to end up with a belly ache. I know that after it is all said and done I am going to declare that at any moment I am going to collapse into a grease induced death. And yet, I still love you bacon!

2.  Attitude.  I have a bad attitude. I envy the people that prance around with their glasses half full. My glass isn't even half empty, it's only filled to about a quarter. This is a tiring attitude to have. It wears on me. Especially when things are legitamitely going not so good, it makes it feel that much worse. SO- I am going in for an attitude adjustment. I need to have a better outlook on things. I need to be the one that is prancing around singing about how my glass is half FULL of chocolate milk!

3.  Mtv.  Let me just put this out there and be done with it. I have a sick addiction to Mtv reality tv. It is gross and I feel my brain cells dying as I watch it, yet I cannot look away. Real World? LOVE. IT. Every. Single. Season is exactly the same. There is an annoying guy. Someone with a drinking problem. A bitch. The girl that is not the girl you would take home to your parents. They will fight. They will throw things. Naughty things will happen in the hot tub. Still…I have to watch. And my favorite guilty pleasure? The Real World/Road Rules Challenge. It is like watching reality tv on crack. The drama! The scandal! The backstabbing! I need help people. Serious help!

4.  Happy Packages.  I love getting mail. I take a strange joy in going to the mailbox, even though I know that there is nothing more than a magazing and bills waiting for me. But every now and then, a happy little package will be waiting, with my name on it! Recently, I recieved such a package. Anyone that knows me knows that I adore random, so this package made my heart sing. The contents? A little stuffed monkey, a candle, and some chili mix packages. YAY!!!

5.  Blogging.  Can we just talk about blogging for a moment? I find it to be such a chore! I hate that! I used to loooooove blogging, but I think the issue has occured because when I started REALLY doing photography, the blog was more geared towards "business" and my crazy passion for photography….now I am in a weird limbo of not being in business, and having a serious argument with my photography and love for it, and suddenly I am not sure what direction this little blog should go in. I think it is having an identity crisis and I am not sure how to deal with that. While I don't want to bore anyone (is anyone out there?!) with my life and all it's trials and tribulations, I am really left with not much else to write about. It leaves me with the ultimate question…to blog, or not to blog?


One Comment to “Friday 5”

  1. OMG! The bacon! It’s blinding my eyes!!! … and isn’t that what we all blog about anyway? life? a-ok with me 🙂

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