Sometimes, I tell my puggy that I am going to slather her with frosting and cover her with sprinkles and then eat her up like a cupcake because I love her so much. This illicits weird looks from the husband. He does not think that threatening to eat something up is a good way to show your love. I disagree. I even have the pugface wearing a cupcake collar to prove it. So you can imagine my delight when I saw the preview for Where The Wild Things Are and heard the following quote…."I'll eat you up, I love you so." I knew I wasn't alone!


I love her so much I cannot stand it. She breaks my heart on a regular basis with her silly sweetness. It amazes me that after having her for three years, she still surprises us by coming out of her shell more and more. There are days that I am sad that I never knew her as a puppy. Days I wonder how she would have turned out if we had her from the very start. Days that I want to strangle all of her previous owners for the neglect and most likely abuse. But most days, I just love her so much I want to eat her up like a cupcake ♥


2 Comments to “PugCake”

  1. Nom Nom Nom, I’ll take that part…right there nom nom nom…care for a bunny ear? Nom nom nom…..

  2. That was the sweetest post, K … she’s your baby, what can you say, right 🙂

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