Friday 5

I think I need to find more things to blog about before this place fills up with 5's! Until that happens though….it is time for another Friday 5! You're excited, I can feel it. Don't deny the excitement.

1. Martha & Her Apps.  I love Martha (for those not in the know, I lovingly refer to my iPhone as Martha). I love her to bits and pieces. It is not even like I do super important things with her, nope, it is all fun and games. Is there any love better than a fun love? I think not! I get excited about apps. The options! SO. MANY. OPTIONS. My faves? Photo apps, of course. Needless to say, I was super excited to find that PhotoShop came out with a FREE app! Woot. I love this thing. Here is a quick snap I took of Miss Stinkerbell lounging:


and after a little Photoshop App loving…

2.  Fluffernutters.  Do I need to say more? well, ok, apparently I do, because people question me on this all the time! Fluffernutters are the glorious result of taking two pieces of unsuspecting bread, slathering one piece with fabulous Fluff and the other with peanut butter. Culinary delight ensues.

3.  Exercising.  Because it bears repeating. I think I die a little each time I work out. Really. True story.

4.  Weird.  I am a weird doggy mom. I am the one that overwhelms my vet with the most random of concerns.

me: ummmm, there is a weird smell coming from my Pug's nose.
vet: hmmmm, ummmm, huh?
me: yup, go on and smell it. When she breathes out of her nose, the air is stinky.
vet: hmmmm, ummmm, huh?

5.  Shoe Shopping.  I would like to know what happened to fabulous shoes? I am sure they used to exist. I cannot find a pair of decent shoes for the life of me. WHY people? WHYYYYYYY? I am in serious need of some closed-toe shoes for my trip up to NH next month, and unless I find something I am going to be rocking my non-fashion sense with my penny loafers and blue docs. sigh.



One Comment to “Friday 5”

  1. LOL! I like the vet story. 🙂 And don’t ask me about shoes, I have no idea – but feel the same! It’s like if you don’t wear high heels you’re outta here!

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