Friday 5

Ready for another installment of Friday 5? Is it a little bit frightening that I am consistant enough that I have done this for two weeks in a row? Confession? I SO create these prior to Friday! I'm busted! Otherwise, at approximately 9pm on Friday night I would be trying to figure out what I was forgetting.

Let's get to the randomness that is me….

1. Magazines. I have a revelation….I am a complete and total magazine whore. It is a bit of a sickness, really. I have more subscriptions than I can keep up with. I have a schizophrenic array of subscriptions. Case in point: Girly: Vogue (a photographer's best friend), Elle, Marie Claire. Dog Lover: The Modern Dog, Bark (favorite!!). Older Than My Age: Woman's Day, Good Housekeeping, Better Homes and Gardens. Photographer: Professional Photographers of America (technically, I just cancelled this one, but I am listing it anyways, because I am already going through withdrawals and I neeeeeed it back!), Digital Photo Pro, Rangefinder. Nerdy: Time. I Love My Husband: Outdoor Life, Florida Fishing something or another, Playboy (seriously people, the articles are great!). Yup- I have a problem.

2. Dave Fans. I know, I know. You are all tired of all my Dave talk. And I get it, really I do. But I still need to give the Dave Fans their much deserved spot on a Friday 5 because they really are incredible fans. Why? They give you stuff! Wanting nothing in exchange! It is the most amazing thing. I have a handful of friends on Facebook that are technically strangers to me. I know nothing about them other than that they, too, are crazy Dave fans. I have had two such fans hook. me. UP. with awesome downloads. Downloads I would have never been able to get my hands on otherwise. Downloads I didn't even know existed! And why did they share their awesomeness with me? Because that's what Dave fans do. LOVE THEM!

3. Rambling. Did you ever notice how much I ramble? Obviously, if you come here often, you must notice it. I don't do it on purpose. I actually give myself a talking to before I sit down to write entries here, letting myself know that it is ok to shut the hell up. To let the photos do the talking. To give people a rest from my crazy drama. And then I ramble anyways. Sorry 'bout that!

4. Rachel Zoe. Do you watch this show on Bravo? You have to! I loooove this show, but there always seems to be a "scheduling conflict" with my tivo, and other shows trump this one (because, yup, I'm a tv whore too). I finally stumbled upon this gem again! I do not tend to like women that are dramatic…but Rachel Zoe is dramatic in the most fashionable way. She says "I die!" over everything, and on one pair of shoes had this to say: "I would eat these shoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner." Love. This. Show.

5. Blogs. I love blogs. I looooove google reader to keep all of my blogs in one handy spot. One blog that never fails to cheer me up? Cake Wrecks. This blog is a fantastic place to see just how horribly wrong a birthday cake can go. And trust me….they can go way past horrible! I suspect this is what really keeps me out of the kitchen….I fear my creations would end up on this site!

Friday 5….signing off! Have a randomly fantastic weekend! 


One Comment to “Friday 5”

  1. I thought I was who knew & watched Rachel Zoe!!! LOL! OMG, you took the words out of my mouth. (Ok, truthfully, I’ve only seen 1 full episode b/c that’s all they offer on hulu, but I SO keep checking back to see if there’s another one loaded for viewing! haha) Yep, I find the whole valley-fashion-drama bit very entertaining in a ‘can’t take your eyes off it’ kind of way 😉

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