Friday 5

My friend Chelsey has peer-pressured me. And it worked. Well….technically it took two weeks for the pressure to completely take effect, but it was effective nonetheless 🙂

What is Friday 5 you ask? Well—- it is the ultimate blog post for a girl that loves random the way I do! It is as simple as it sounds- five random things, posted on Fridays. Complicated, huh? Ready? ok.

1. The Furminator Seriously folks, this thing is A-MA-ZING. I have had it for quite some time, but realized yesterday that I have not publicly praised this miracle of a grooming tool. Furminator- consider yourself praised.

2. Hippies. Yup, hippies. I love them. I miss seeing hippie-style people. My town appears to not allow them in. I also miss seeing the Dead bears on car windows. I am not a Dead fan, but always took some sort of comfort in sharing my road with people that loved their band enough to plaster their vehicles with dancing bears.

3. Candy corn Hershey's Kisses. Have you had these little bits of heavenly goodness?????

4. The Life of Pi. What an amazing book. Every now and then I read a book that sticks with me. Follows me through my days, long after I have finished reading it. This is one of those books. I loved absolutely everything about it.

5. Texting and Driving. Really people? REALLY????? This past weekend was a super special texting and driving kind of weekend. I felt like I was playing a video game trying to dodge the shady driving of people that were texting away. I was behind one gem on the interstate and told the hubby, if I was a cop I would totally pull this guy over for drunk driving with all that swerving…..and sure enough, when I passed him, he was typing away on his cell. Stop texting and driving, ok? because aren't you going to feel like the world's biggest ass when you need to explain that the reason you just took someone's life was because you HAD to let your friend know what you just ate for lunch.

Friday 5, signing out.


One Comment to “Friday 5”

  1. No clue about the Furminator … but I still remember the first guy I met up at Denali Nat’l Park who responded to everything with “right on, right on … cool, cool” lol. Need to read the life of pi for sure. And don’t even get me started on txt’ing & driving! Over & out. 🙂

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