Dust Bunnies

I looove finding photos with dust bunnies huddled up in their corners! I feel like I am on my own personal treasure hunt while I slowly but surely sort through three years' worth of photos.


When I find old shots, shots covered in computer dust, they leave me wondering. Why did I never do anything with this shot? Did I think it was not good enough? I am one tough self critic, after all. Did I simply get distracted? A very easy accomplishment for me. Why did I ignore you, lonely little photo?

I have to say, the following photos were edited in a way that is very much not my normal fashion. But sometimes, you shoot a photo, and you know before your finger even completes it's depression of the shutter button that there is only one way to edit it. That is what happened here. And while it is not my normal style, I love them. I love them enough that this first one may end up on my wall (which seriously, never ever happens unless the photo contains ears and tails and fur)




another exciting thing about dust bunnies? they tickle me. they tickle that part of me that has been avoiding my camera. they make me want to go shoot what I love….nature. So hold me to this…..I am going to get some new nature shots this weekend. Do you hear me? I am going to grab that camera gasp! and shoot until I remember just how much I LOVE shooting.


One Comment to “Dust Bunnies”

  1. Beautiful! And I agree … sometimes you just *know*.

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