Evey Vendetta

First off….could her name be ANY awesomer? (what? it's a word)

08-02-09 Evey-55-WEB

Second…could she be ANY cuter?

08-02-09 Evey-25-WEB 

The plans for Evey's photo shoot were grande I tell ya. GRANDE! And then, well, remember the events of this weekend? Sigh. They sort of infringed on this sweet girl's session. See…when you are shooting for family, well, sometimes they get the short end of the deal 🙂 This photographer had not eaten a real meal in close to three days. This photographer also got a ridiculously small amount of sleep. And suddenly, photography didn't sound so fun anymore. Shameful, I know. But so true. But then, the guilt started to set in. This girl would only be a puppy once after all. So maybe we couldn't squeeze in the fun city shoot we had planned, but when I glanced out the back door and saw the most delicious light, I knew I had to take at least a couple shots of this pretty pup. And I am so happy I did!

08-02-09 Evey-12-WEB

Don't you just want to snatch her up and call her yours? Evey was honestly, and not just becuase she is family, one of, if not the, most well behaved pups I have ever encountered. That didn't make her an ideal model though lol…she was NOT a fan of looking in the direction of the camera. at all.

08-02-09 Evey-17-WEB

I wanted to dip a spoon in this light and lick it up!

08-02-09 Evey-22-WEB

08-02-09 Evey-36-WEB


One Comment to “Evey Vendetta”

  1. Goodness gracious, Evey is the cutest! I want her! The photos are awesome. 🙂

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